What is CycleTarget?

CycleTarget is a GPS tracking application devoted to those who enjoy cycling.

The application displays your ride statistics on screen and also via synthesized voice through your mobile phones speaker or headphone jack.

Using the application you can record all aspects of your ride, and save locally to your phone or to the web for later retrieval.

The online storage feature allows you the choice of riding against a previously recorded ride, a friends ride, or simply a set target pace

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The CycleTarget difference

Imagine an application that allows you to ride against a friend from anywhere in the world, no matter where they are located or what timezone they are in. OK, so this sounds great, but doesn't sound groundbreaking, many applications allow cyclists to compete against their friend's best ride times.

Well, CycleTarget goes a step further, by recording every detail of your friend's ride second by second, minute by minute. So, if your friend decides to ride slowly at the start of their ride and speed up to a sprint at the end, then this will be captured and output to you, through visual and voice feedback whilst you ride.

Ever wondered what it would be like cycling around the great cities of the world? Simply join the network of riders already using CycleTarget and post a ride of your own today.